Infant safety in the hospital setting is jeopardized by two main factors: falls and infections. In 2008, 1,600 newborn falls were reported nationally and have increased by 46% as of 2012. The bassinets most hospitals use (Nemschoff) have been recalled for safety standards, yet there is still no safer alternative. Hospital acquired infections are skyrocketing in maternity and infant care.


Falls can injure infants and possibly lead to death. Standard protocol requires X-Ray/MRI, NICU, admittance, speciality care and sometimes surgery. These falls cause emotional distress to infant parents and create liability concerns and costs for hospitals, and health care providers.


The cost of the possible loss of an infant's life is incalculable. The costs incurred by hospitals in response to these falls and infections are an upwards of millions annually.

Injury, illness and cost can be prevented...

       The Seat Belt of Maternity 


We designed this wrap to be functional and comfortable. You will love the feel and stretch of the Aegis wrap as it hugs your body like your favorite yoga pants. The compression of the material eases stress and provides just the right fit for you and your baby's comfort.


The Aegis wrap material has a Xstatic silver thread throughout the wrap. This thread's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odor properties will help protect parent and baby during those first weeks of life.

Infant Safety

The Aegis wrap is designed to protect infants from being accidentally dropped by a caretaker or parent during the first month of life. Exhausted new moms can now be hands free to get in and out of bed and use both arms to support themselves because their baby will be securely wrapped to them.


Life for baby in the first month can be messy. The Aegis wrap can be washed in your washing machine on the gentle cycle and hung to dry.

Parent/Infant Bonding

Skin to skin bonding is vitally important for all parents and babies. The Aegis wrap is designed to be worn by both parents as they bond with their new baby.